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Energy Efficiency Programs

Whether you run a small business or a large industrial facility, energy is a major expense.


Below are solutions for businesses of all sizes to increase their efficiency. From customized programs that set a schedule for energy use to incentives for improving your facility's energy efficiency, there are plenty of ways to save energy and increase your bottom line.

Entergy Arkansas Small Business Solutions

Saving energy means saving your business money. That's why Entergy Arkansas' Small Business Energy Solutions Program helps make your business more energy efficient. If you have any of the problems below, Entergy Arkansas can help.

  • Inefficient or poor interior/exterior lighting quality.

  • Limited control of lighting.

  • Uncomfortable rooms.

  • Drafts.

By participating in the Small Business Energy Solutions Program, you will receive financial incentives from Entergy for projects that make your business's facility more energy efficient. And a more energy-efficient facility means more money in your pocket to run your business.

Commercial Point of Purchase Solutions Program

If you have any of the problems below, Entergy Arkansas can help.

  • High energy bills.

  • Inefficient or poor interior/exterior lighting quality.

  • Limited budget for upgrades.

  • Inefficient motor that only runs at a constant speed or is mechanically controlled.

You can save instantly on your efficient products purchases at participating distributor locations, while funding lasts.  Participation is easy- just download and sign the participation agreement and take it to a participating distributor. As long as your purchase qualifies, you'll be awarded an instant discount on your purchase. So you'll have more money in your pocket to run your business.

Agricultural Energy Solutions

The goal of the Entergy Arkansas Agricultural Energy Solutions Program is to produce long-term electricity cost savings by offering incentives to agribusiness customers for installing energy efficiency measures when building a new facility or by replacing aging, inefficient equipment. Typical energy-saving measures include:

  • LED lighting and lighting controls, including adaptive lighting and occupancy sensors.

  • Variable frequency drives for irrigation pumping plants and ventilation fans.

  • Irrigation pump tune-ups.

  • Exhaust fans.

  • Circulation fans.

  • High-volume, low-speed fans.

  • Milk pre-coolers.

  • Variable speed controllers for vacuum pumps.

CitySmart Program

The CitySmart Program provides support and incentives to institutional and private/public entities working to save on energy. Whether you are struggling with high energy bills or inefficient lighting and climate control, Entergy Arkansas will offer you incentives for implementing and installing a wide range of measures at your site.

Entergy Arkansas will help you:

  • Identify energy savings specific to your building.

  • Prioritize a wide range of energy conservation measures.

  • Achieve significant, long-term electricity savings.

  • Earn incentives for completing qualifying energy-efficiency projects.

Large Commercial & Industrial Program

Saving energy means saving money. That's why Entergy Arkansas' Large Commercial & Industrial Program helps you make your business more energy-efficient. If you have any of the problems below, this program is for you.

  • High energy bills.

  • Poor lighting.

  • Limited control of lighting and HVAC.

  • Inadequate HVAC/chiller performance.

  • Air compressors with significant air leaks.

  • Excessive or inefficient energy use in an industrial process.

Entergy offers cash incentives when you complete certain projects that make your business more energy-efficient. Additional benefits include an improved cash flow from significant, long-term electricity savings, as well as an improved "green" image of your business. Entergy will also help you develop an energy savings plan tailored to your buildings, and will even build energy efficiencies and savings into your work process. That way, you can focus less on energy costs and more on profitable gains.


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