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Why is lighting so important to us?

Every business has lighting demands, and whether you’re attempting to keep a shipping/loading facility well lit, trying to make a retail space attractive for customers, or simply working to provide employees with high-quality light so that they may work more efficiently, you will require a lighting solution that’s up to the task. A-1 LED is an industry-leading provider of commercial LED lighting solutions that can be tailored to any purpose and setting.

Offering the latest in green technology, energy-saving lighting, and efficient controls, our commercial lighting solutions offer maximum energy efficiency. Our retrofit kits convert existing fixtures into LED fixtures and feature up to 75% power reduction when compared with fluorescent tubes.

In commercial buildings, lighting accounts for up to 40% of total energy cost. However, lighting control solutions can reduce lighting energy consumption in commercial and industrial buildings by up to 70%. 

Here’s a quick glance at how you can employ our commercial LED lighting solutions:

Retail Lighting

If you operate a retail business, then you know that the way customers see your store and its products is just as important as the products themselves.

Commercial LED lighting solutions gives you the power to create the lighting environment you want for setting the mood of your store, giving your location personality, and encouraging customers to buy your products.

A perfect solution for retail applications are our highly effective recessed luminaires delivering excellent visual comfort and outstanding performance.

Commercial lighting is an often-overlooked element of running a business, but the quality and efficiency of your light have a large impact on your bottom line.

Outdoor Lighting

Serving multiple purposes, outdoor LED lighting can ensure that employees and customers are safe at night when leaving your facility or store, help draw attention to your location, and enhance the aesthetic quality of your business’s exterior. A-1 LED's commercial LED solutions include myriad outdoor lighting options, such as canopy lights, streetlights, parking lot lighting, floodlights, area lights, wall pack lights, bay-lights, and linear lights, making our perfect solution for security in entryways or perimeters.

Emergency Lighting

The importance of reliable and high-efficiency emergency lights cannot be overstated.

Emergency lighting is critical for keeping employees and customers safe. A-1 LED offers a wide range of battery-powered emergency lights that automatically power on when the rest of your lights fail.

Our adjustable emergency LED lights offer contemporary design, full adjustability, quick installation, and an expected lifetime of over ten years, all in a stylish and economical package.

Speak with one of our LED lighting professionals about our LED commercial lighting solutions.

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